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So long, weekend!

What a weekend! I edited all day Saturday then met up with fellow Aladdin MIXer Nova for dinner. We'd met before for, seriously, five seconds and finally had time to sit and chat. Nova's awesome and her book DANI NOIR (Sept '09) is killer. We'll be going out again soon, I'm sure. :)

I came back to my apt and had a mini-celebration for the VIP papers that I got in the mail that day. I should be able to make a GIANT, HUGE, SUPERAWESOME announcement on my blog on Tuesday.

Today, I was supposed to meet Aly at 11 for brunch. I left early and grabbed the F. But then...announcements started that there was a 9/11 simulation going on and due to the smoke, my train was going to be rerouted to the G or stopped at W 4th St. or something very confusing.


People on the train were mad.

Tourists were confused.

Then, people heard "smoke in the city" and thought there was a real fire.

You get the idea.

I hopped from the F, to the R, possibly to the A and the 4 (?) and ended up going to Queens. Then back to home. Then on the way to Manhattan. My train stopped underground for a looong while.

There were cops.

And nervous people. But I was determined to make it to brunch and Aly!

I finally used my subway skills (read: Roy's NFT) and figured out how to make it to the correct stop.

And, guess what? Only 20 mins later. Bad, but not as bad as I'd feared. Take that, subway!

But Aly was super cool about it and we had a fab brunch--hello, Belgian waffles and sparkly drinks--then went shopping at Forever 21. Very amazing. I got the cutest earrings and necklace after consulting Aly--the Princess of Accessories. We had fun shopping and being girls. I made it back home without getting lost. WHEW. I'm so done with the subway till Tuesday.


Bookworm said…
Oooh, Dani Noir sounds so good! I totally want to read that one. What an eventful day!
Keri Mikulski said…
Love hearing about your NY adventures!! Let me know when you want to visit the Jersey shore for a beach day!! :) You're close now. :)

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