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Herald Square pics

I spent the afternoon here. Here being Harold's Square in Manhattan. I thought I had my BEA clothes set. But no. No. It required trips to: Macy's, Forever 21, H&M and a 3.1 second visit in the Gap before I was like, umm, sorry but no. Just not my style. FINALLY found what I wanted at the very last store, Forever 21, (thank you, Aly!!) and now have clothes. Still deciding how to pair them. Being a girl is hard sometimes, LOL. Am hauling said clothes over to Kassie's in the morning to be like, "Help. Me. Pick."

I'm working on getting my thoughts/general notes together for the BEA panel on Saturday. Am also working on sending a few emails here and there to New York and New Jersey schools about visits for the fall. If you know of any schools who are looking, please send them my way!

My list of authors to stalk is growing by the hour. Plus, um, I heard that a certain superfavoriteOMGIhearther author is attending a party that I'm going to. What if I fan girl out and squee or fall at her feet? Seriously. I have to be cool. Ahem.

Tomorrow, I've got the carnival (sooo packed with big authors that it's making me super nervous!) and a quick trip to pick up my BEA badge. Friday, it's BEA all day. Or until my arms fall off from too many books. There's also a Friday night party, but I'm not sure if I'm going. Saturday is my panel and two parties. Very exciting!

Off to bed to read NIGHT WORLD.


JenWriter said…
Herald Square is CRAZY! But it has great stores. :)

I also really like South Street Seaport further downtown. Great stores, not quite the madhouse.
Candace said…
Hey there, just wanted to let you know I caught the last few minutes of the Carnival livestreaming on BlogTV and saw you on the panel :)

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