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notes about NYC life from a newbie

Some fun notes from today's NYC life:

* On the subway @ Atlantic-Pacific, I saw a gorgeous guy who looked just like Blair Underwood. Immediately thought of my friend who would have drooled. :) You know who you are...

* I am getting the BEST workout ever by climbing so many subway stairs. Awesomeness.

* I cooked on a gas stove for the first time. Um, almost died when the flames started. LOL.

* I'm subletting a place next to a fire station. There are ALWAYS hot guys outside in fireman uniforms. Total hotness.

* Impromptu hangout sessions with my friend are sooo much fun.

* I got lost for an hour and a half on the subway tonight even though I've been coming this way at least 7-8 times. Even a map and the subway person confused me. Me = total mess. I finally figured it out after being thisclose to calling a car to pick me up.

* I am watching The Simple Life 3 on DVD right now. Loving. It.

* I might (fingers crossed) have awesome news tomorrow.


Mitch Wallace said…
Being a writer in New York City is definitely way up there on the Cool Meter. It's just so freakin' artsy!
Keri Mikulski said…
Wow, Jessica!! Have fun!! :)
Cant wait for your awesome news! By the way, just finished "Chasing Blue", it was wonderful and I cant wait for #3 so i can find out what happens next!!!
Gerri said…
Congrats on the second printing of TKR, New York City Girl! Sounds like you are taking a big bite out of the Big Apple--enjoy. Love to you.

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