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First studio apartment pics!

Yup! Actual pics of my first studio apartment!! I got the keys today (OMG!) and cleaned out the cleaning supply section at CVS. The apt was already super clean, but since I'm a neurotic freak, I had to sweep, mop, wipe down every surface, etc.




But the studio looks gorgeous and everything inside is completely brand new. Awesomeness. I start moving stuff over tomorrow and will take things over little by little. I've still got my sublet for a while, so there's no pressure to hurry and get out. But...I really want to get to my place. All of the goods (furniture, bed, kitchen stuff) are on the way.

Yesterday, I went to Macy's (9 floors of shopping temptation) and spent a couple of hours picking a bed. I tested almost every mattress (the sales guy prob loved that) and kept calling my friend for her opinion on what brand/size, etc. It's a big investment and I wanted to pick a great bed.

And shocker, but I had no clue what I needed for a kitchen or how to even get started. My awesome friend linked me to everything I needed (heart her) and I just clicked and ordered.

Tomorrow, I've got to move stuff over and awesome friend is bringing other awesome friend #2 with power tools to hang curtains. I might have to take pics of this. It could be interesting. :)

Cable/Internet will be hooked up in the middle of next week, so of course, I'm super excited about that. At least I have Internet at local cafes to use until then.

I'm ridiculously excited/nervous about my own place. But I already feel at home in that neighborhood because I know it and love it. Some of the coolest things? Groceries delivered to your door and laundry service. I really do love that. Very much. :)

I'll keep posting progress pics when I can. I'm crazy-busy packing and moving stuff over, but it's such a big deal that I want to keep documenting it.

Back to packing...


Bri Meets Books said…
so jealous, miss jess! glad you're having fun.
Alea said…
How exciting, I'm so jealous!
Bookworm said…
OMG what a gorgeous space! In NYC? Jealous...
Candace said…
That is a gorgeous studio! I LOVE the floors and the kitchen1 More pictures please?
nova said…
OH jess! I am so happy for you!

And how did you find such a gorgeous place so quickly??? Magic? Um, when you're done moving in and all settled, call me please and tell me how you did it, because I could use some help finding a new apt now too ;)

TJ Brown said…
How exciting, Jessica! Congrats!
JenWriter said…
Congrats, Jess! This looks a lot like my apartment, especially the kitchen. Good luck moving in and welcome to the city!!
Stephanie J said…
Another jealous friend! I wish I could do that! How exciting -- I will now be living vicariously through you so you'll be required to post a lot more pictures! ;)

Beautiful place. The bathroom is so nice and shiny!
Solvang Sherrie said…
How fun! Before long you'll be meeting your own Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte at the cafe around the corner :^)
Kelly Krysten said…
Wow, gorgeous place! This really is your year, Burkhart.:) I count myself among the jealous friends...Does that make us frienemies?:P
Nifaerie Noven said…
Sweet! It's really beautiful. You have so much natural light. I'm jealous. You're going to have absolutely beautiful garden windows or a nice little kitty perch! And those floors are wonderful.
Anonymous said…
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