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Behind the Bit is out!

BEHIND THE BIT, Canterwood Crest #3, went in stock on Amazon yesterday and at Barnes & Noble. I'm beyond excited to have three books out. Now that I'm in a new place, I have to go introduce myself to the staff at the local B&N and sign some stock. That'll be fun! I love that I can walk there--it's quite awesome.

I'm super busy finishing up edits on BEST ENEMIES (CC #5) and it's my goal to have them done on Monday. I've been trying this new waking up at the most evil hour of 5am thing and it doesn't suck. Too much. :) I complain and grumble, but once I'm up I'm okay. I *do* get a lot done. And that's I prob won't be able to keep it up for long, but I'll try it.

This weekend, I'm meeting up with two friends. One for brunch on Sunday at French Roast (sounds sooo yummy) and one for coffee here in my neighborhood. I'll also be taking progress pics of the apartment and will post them. It's getting pretty sparkly in here! Next thing: wall decorations. I've got links to some awesome posters, so this weekend I'll measure, decide on some and order them. Very exciting.

Cable/DVR and Internet was installed yesterday (yay!) so I'm back online. Awesomeness. I was getting WiFi whereever I could: cafes, apt old folk's home. Yeah, shameless, I know. :)

Anyway, happy book birthday to BEHIND THE BIT!! :) Cheers!

Here's the blurb from Amazon:

It's midwinter break and Sasha Silver has been invited to attend an exclusive equestrian clinic. Problem is, Callie, Heather, Alison, and Julia have also been invited. And after the way things ended at Canterwood's Sweetheart Soiree, the line between friend and frenemy is thinner than ever.


Keri Mikulski said…
Congratulations!!! I'm so beyond thrilled for you - living your dream!! Sending hugs. :)
Bookworm said…
Ooooh, It sounds amazingly fantabulous! Happy release day, Jess! (;
Cant wait to buy it! I love that cover, especially that horse! Congratulations!

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