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Random things on a Friday

I'm so excited (read: nervous) about Book Expo America! But first, I'm doing the NYC Teen Author Carnival next Thursday from 4-6 pm with awesome authors including Lauren Barnholdt, Taylor Morris, PG Kain and more! Lauren and I, dubbed "Barnhart" by Editor K, are going to be veeery scandalous. We invite you to come join us! :) I'll be giving away: two copies of TAKE THE REINS, two copies of CHASING BLUE and two copies of BEHIND THE BIT. Plus, there will be signed postcards.

Back to BEA. There are so, so many people I finally get to meet! I'm trading numbers with people so we can text if things get crazy and we don't end up running into each other. So, if I'm supposed to meet up with you at BEA and you want to trade cell numbers, shoot me yours. I think the convention center is going to be huge and the odds of just running into people seems slim. Meg Cabot already sent me her number so we can meet. :) Kidding.

I'm going on Friday to pick up my badge and to track down Kaleb Nation at the Sourcebooks booth. I will attempt to ask for (read: steal) a copy of Kaleb's Bran Hambric: The Farfield Curse.

My panel with Robyn Schneider, Maureen Johnson, Julia DeVillers and Sarah Mlynowski is on Saturday morning and so many of my friends have said they're coming. Thanks, guys! :) It'll make me less nervous to have friends in the audience in case I start to babble and/or embarrass myself during the panel. (Um, did you see the big names on my panel? Eeep...very intimidated!) The friends can then cause a disturbance so I can slink away in shame.

I'm going into Manhattan today to get a sparkly haircut for BEA. Going to the place of awesome--Soon Beauty Lab West. Love it there. I really want hot pink streaks for the summer, but...I won't. Yet.

Keep fingers crossed that I do not get into any sort of trouble on this trip. It would be a first. I really can make it from home to the city and back without incident--I *know* I can! I'm still so jealous of the people who can listen to music and read or sleep (!) on the subway. I'm the girl clutching her HopStop instructions and checking off every stop like a total dork. The one time I tried to listen to music on my iPod on the subway? I almost ended up in Queens!!

Happy Friday!


Bookworm said…
You're going to do so well! I wish I could come!
Have fun!!! And definetly get your hair streaked with pink sometime! That would be so awesome (haha!) Any way, you'll do great.

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