Friday, May 30, 2008

Weekend reads--share yours!

So, I've got a dilemma. My pile of weekend must reads is very large. My weekend reading time? Slim for the next couple of months. But on writing breaks, I've got what sound like fantastic reads.

My choices?

THE SCHOOL FOR COOL (The Social Experiments of Dorie Dilts) by PG Kain
THE HOST--the second weekend in a row...
HOME by Julie Andrews (I could just break into song right now)
PRINCE CASPIAN (I haven't seen the movie yet)


RIDING LESSONS by Sara Gruen (I read this book once and had a rare WOW reaction, so I want to read it again.

That's my weekend book pile that I'll be shuffling around and trying to read as much as I can before next week's pile pops up.

What's on your weekend reading list?

Happy Sex and the City Day!! (I wanted pink, but alas, there is none.)

4 shout outs:

Alyson Noel said...

Wow, you read all of that in a weekend????

Me, I'm planning a trip to BEA where I can load up on all manner of free books to add to my ever expanding TBR pile . . .

Have a fun weekend!

Jessica Burkhart said...

I think I'll be skipping around through all of the books, since I'd lose my eyesight if I read all of them in 2 days, LOL. :)

Oooh, we could be the free book girls together at BEA sometime. 2009, perhaps? :)

Breanna said...

Oooh The Host! I started it on Tuesday and am already on page 100. I know that sounds slow to fast readers, but I have an insanely busy life.

Anyway, enjoy that one. So far I love it!

Jessica Burkhart said...

Hi, Breanna! I look forward to reading more then. :)

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