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Officially Obsessed with Twilight...again

Okay, am I the only one who has become re-obsessed (not a word, I know) with Twilight? I started rereading it on Friday and am in full-blown "I <3 style="font-style: italic;">Twilight wallpaper on my laptop...yikes. I spend waaaay too much time here when I should be, you know, working.

Back to reading, erm, I mean working!

PS--There is no author interview scheduled for this Friday, but on June 6, I've got author Daphne Grab and she's giving away a signed copy of ALIVE AND WELL IN PRAGUE, NEW YORK. Be sure to stop by and try to win!


Mary Danielson said…
Count me in on the re-obsession with Twilight! I reread the books right after finals and couldn't put them down - it was like I'd just discovered Edward & Bella again! We'll be squealing re-fangirls together, Jess. ;)
VampireStalker27 said…
I honestly couldn't tell you if i'm re-obsessed, i'm still obsessed from the first time i read it! if it dies down, i'll read it again and become re-obsessed!
Yay, Mary! I SO needed a fellow fangirl. I'm starting New Moon again soon and I cannot wait. :)

VS27, welcome! I like your thinking, LOL.
TJBrown said…
I um... haven't read it yet.

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