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Weekend movies

Saturday was busy—I was adjusting to getting back home after my trip and editing. That night, I decided okay, I’m going to watch The Golden Compass since I completely missed it in theaters and *know* I’ll love it. I was super-happy that I finally had time to watch it. Very excited about my fav actress and the dashing Daniel Craig.

I get to an hour and forty minutes in and they start to play the “this is the end of the movie, get ready to exit the theater music.” I freaking jump out of my recliner and scream (thereby scaring parents and brother who almost dropped his soda) at the TV. Oh. My. Goddess. Was that the worst moving ending ever?! Plot and camera shots were just WEIRD. The last shot of lovely NK we see is of the back of her head, we wonder if Lyra will make it to her dad in time and did the poor kids get their daemons back? Sure, we know all of this from reading the books but I want to S-E-E it on film.

I Googled The Subtle Knife and it’s *supposed* to come out in 2009, but I’m not sure if that’ll happen with Nicole’s baby on the way and the domestic box office figures. Argh.

My brother was like, “Dude, it’s just a movie, calm down.” But I was pissed. Still am, actually. (He’d be mad, too, if he read the book.)

Then I watched one of my favorite comedies with Josh Duhamel and Kate Bosworth—Win a Date with Tad Hamilton. Silly, I know, I know. But I love it. Plus, if you watch the extras, Josh moons the camera. :) Maybe rent it just for that…


Stephanie J said…
I know the feeling!!!! I hate when they do this in the movies. Case in point: Pirate of the Car. II. I wanted to shoot them. That was no movie ending! I get the whole concept of trilogies but each movie should feel whole. Go ask Mary how she feels bout!!!
OMG, I'm so, so glad you know what I'm talking about!! YES, movies should be complete. Let's NOT cut off the ending, people! :)
Mary Danielson said…
Pirates of the Caribbean 2?! Oh! You mean, that big Jerry Bruckheimer produced three-hour commercial for Pirates of the Caribbean 3? Oye ve. I have never been so annoyed coming out of a movie theater! That was a cheap trick to force us to shell out our $10 twice instead of once...they didn't even have the courtesy to end the movie or give us a real plot. Ugh!

Ahem. You know not that I have a strong opinion or anything. I didn't swear to never pay to see Pirates of the Caribbean 3 or join Anti-POC facebook groups, I promise. ;)
LOL, Mary. I loved PC2 only because I can't get enough of Johnny and Orlando. BUT the movie really was a mess. Disaster.

Now I'm wary of sequels...
Amber Lough said…
Really? Was it that bad? I'm going to netflix it soon, just to make sure.

You'd think that with Philip Pullman on the set so much, it would have been done well... I saw the first five minutes in the theater, but had my daughter with me and she went spastic, so we had to leave.

I hate movie disappointments.
Hi, Amber. The movie was great up until the end. Definitely rent it and see what you think! :)

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