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I'm baaack! :)

Somewhere in New England...I forget where...oops.

The view from our near-DC hotel! So lovely!

Sign says it all!

I'm glad to be back home and regularly scheduled blogging resumes next week. As you guys might be able to tell from the photos, none are from the photo shoot. It turned out to be a closed set, sorry guys! But the covers are worth the wait, trust me! :) I had the best time ever and loved hanging out with Agent A, Editor K and the rest of the crew.

Today, it's dreary out and I've been editing and...writing my dedication and acknowledgments. I thought it would be hard. It's really, truly not. I know exactly who helped me with this book and it's ridiculously cool to be able to thank them in print. I'm not telling any of my family and friends if they're on the page--I want it to be a surprise. Plus, for some of the most meaningful lines, I want to actually see their faces when they read it instead of telling them over the phone. So yeah, I'll be hitting the road then to physically hand them the books so I can see their reactions for myself since my family doesn't live in my current state of residence.

The trip was beyond fantastic and I'm going again at the very start of fall.

Today's the Kentucky Derby, btw. I can't wait. I watch it every year. I'd put money on Big Brown to win. Fingers crossed.

How was everyone's week?


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