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Road Trip Clue #2

I meant to post a new video tomorrow, but ran out of time! I thought I'd go ahead and post this tonight instead of waiting for tomorrow. :) It’s my semi-pathetic attempt at a riddle.

Diary of a Debut Author: Road Trip Clue #2

To get to this place,

I’ll hop in my car,

I’ll drive 17 hours,

But, really, is that far?

There will be cameras,

And people,

And models to meet,

But as the author,

I get the coolest seat!

The guest list includes,

Agent A and Editor K,

We’ll meet for the first time,

On this freakin’ exciting day,

Oh, and there will be a horse,

A beautiful gray,

C’mon over to my blog,

And start guessing away!

If you guess right,

I’ll give you the full scoop,

Otherwise you’ll have to wait,

Until I can bring you into the loop!

*bows* ;)


Kaleb said…
I know I know! At least I think I do :D Can I take a guess?
Mary Danielson said…
Oh! I have a sneaking suspicion, Jess. And can I just say - I can't wait until this video blog is unveiled. That is one exciting day in a life!
TJBrown said…
I have no clue...but then, I'm pretty slow when it comes to stuff like that:)
Nicole B. said…
I have an idea, but IDK... I'm horrible at this.
Susan Sandmore said…
My guess is that you're going to watch someone shoot the photos for your book cover. I'm not really sure where you're located, but your profile says Florida, so I'm going to take a stab--an Ohio horse farm/stable. Am I close?

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