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Diary of a Debut Author Video: Horsing Around

Here's a new video from Sundance Oaks Miniature Horse Farm! A very special thank you to Mary Lackey, Chance and the minis! :) Above are some outtakes from our day!


Angela said…
Great Video Jessica. It seemed to play double... on your site and youtube at the same time.

Great pics at the farm!
paperxxflowers said…
Ahh, I used to ride horses all the time when I was younger. Then all of a sudden I stopped. I kind of feel like going ride horses again.
Susan Sandmore said…
I like the second photo best. Nice colors! You look lovely, too. Part of me would really like to photoshop that car out from behind your head. :)
Riding is so much fun, paperxxflowers. :)

Thanks, Susan! Yeah, these are just out take photos for fun. :)
Alyson Noel said…
Great photos-- what a fun way to get an author photo!

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