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Photo Shoot Update

Packing, list-making and general craziness has consumed me. No writing is being accomplished and I’ve been like a mad woman with trip plans! Eeek! Be glad you’re not at my house right now. :)

I’m trying to figure out all of the pesky little timing issues so I can see D in CT. Five years is waaaay too long not to see your soul sistah! Very excited. (*waves*)

It’ll take 13 hours to get to DC and then several more hours to get to NYC. Luckily, I have a backpack F-U-L-L of books. Seriously. I should take a pic. It’s stuffed with YA and adult books. Especially long ones that I’ve been dying to read such as THE HISTORIAN. I know, I know, I’m behind on reading it but I just haven’t had the time to delve into that big of a book.

Okay, outfit update for those who emailed me and asked. :)

For meeting Agent A and/or Editor K:

* black/pink suit jacket

* dressy black pants

* black boots

OR, since I’m a girl and I might change my mind…

* pink sweater

* black skirt (but I freeze easily, so this might be out)

* black boots

For cover shoot:

* dark jeans (no holey knees!)

* black sweater (light weight)

* pink jacket (dressy/casual)

That works for being outside and with horses because for some reason, I’m a horsehair magnet. Maybe because I have to pet every animal in sight. So, no black pants were happening for this shoot.

And then…I’ll be meeting Agent A for dinner. *insert major squee here* I’ve always wondered what my agency looked like since I’ve never found a picture online. I’ve seen a pic of S&S, but never one of said agency. I’m soo curious!

Since it’ll be my first time in NYC (I’ve seen the outer edge of the city, but never been downtown) I’m working on my attitude. I’m trying to be tough, but polite and have the confident New Yorker attitude. Right now, I’m kind of nervous, so I think I’m channeling my old Nashville vibe. Quiet and insanely polite. How very Southern of me.

I know we’re spending a night a few miles from DC and then going north after that.

Any tips to get me ready for NYC?


PJ Hoover said…
Relax and have fun!
I'm sensing a black and pink trend here.
Have fun!! So exciting! ;)
Tasha said…
Have fun!!! I've never been but I've know it will be awesome:)
Erica Ridley said…
I am going to NYC to meet my agent, too! I go next week. What are the dates you'll be there?
Definite trend, PJ. :)

Thanks, Keri and Tasha!

Cool, Erica!! :) Not sure on the NYC dates just yet.
Danette Haworth said…

Good luck! What an exciting trip! I'm looking forward to the photos and video.

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