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Day in the Life of a Debut Author: A Video

It's a new video! Hope you check it out and stay tuned for the super-secret video coming next week...


Love it!!! I was thinking.. Why isn't my day like that?? ;)
LOL, Keri. Yeah, I had to make sure people saw the "April Fool" part at the end. :)
PJ Hoover said…
Very cute! I love the 11-4 day.
ROFL--okay, that was a HOOT...I'm dying laughing. You had me going for a bit (and feeling uber jealous of your day!) until you got the call from your editor...LOLOL. Thanks for the giggle!
LOL, Rhonda. Glad you got a laugh out of it! :)
Kelly Parra said…
So cool, Jess!! haha!
Anonymous said…
Awesome! Half-way through I was thinking: "Isn't she a little young to be a house wife a la Peggy Bundy?"

And then I thought: "She comes up with article ideas for teen magazines while watching a bunch of old ladies argue with each other on day time television? At this rate we'll all be old before our time . . . ah I gt it . . . it's April 1st"
Melissa Walker said…
clever, clever, jess! love it!

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