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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Winners and NaNoEdMo

We have winners in Beckie Weinheimer's contest!

Will.... Miss Information and Britlitfantwin email your addresses to me ASAP? Send those to jessica [at] jessicaburkhart [dot] com. Congratulations!

Thank you for stopping by, Beckie. Your interview was so much fun! :)

Onto other things, March is the start of...NaNoEdMo! I signed up over at the site to pledge to spend 50 hours in March editing a novel. Want to join me? Em promised to sign up and I'm looking for more to join in. The group is a LOT smaller than NaNoWriMo, but it's growing.

Okay, I'm off to research. Anyone going to NaNoEdMo with me?

3 shout outs:

beckie weinheimer said...

Hey winners. Yeah to you! I'm Beckie Weinheimer, author of CONVERTING KATE, please let Jessica know if you have something specific you want signed in your book and please spell the name you want the book dedicated to! Happy Tuesday!

Beckie Weinheimer

Emily Hendricks said...

Hey, I'm officially registered as EmH. This is going to be fun...

Jessica Burkhart said...

All right! I'll look you up to see if there's a buddy system on there. Not sure...

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