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Super Tuesday

Anyone NOT love Super Tuesday? I'm a political junky and will be watching the news tonight with coverage on elections. We (I think you all can figure out which party I'm speaking of) did not have our votes counted this year because of another Florida snafu. Sigh. Anyone voting today or already voted?

In the spirit of embracing today, in a sort of weird way, I'm changing my hair color. Yep. Might go a bit lighter or a bit darker. Not sure. I've been my natural color (see sidebar photo) for 3 years. But before that I was platinum blond (that didn't last six months), red (fun!), orange (due to an unfortunate Sun In incident) and light brown. I'm prepping for my new author photo that I'm having taken with a horse. :)

Anyone else a big chameleon? Or do you stay au natural?

My favorite Super Tuesday site? Rock the Vote.


Stephanie said…
I dyed my hair twice... once in HS and once in early college. Both were out of a box and I clearly did't choose shades that were much of a difference from my own since nobody could tell I'd done anything! My hair is currently product-less and it will likely stay that way. I'm in denial... I'm blonde but my hair is turning brunette and I just don't know how to identify with the "dark" side! ;)

I'll be keeping up with the news as well! I'm not voting as I currently don't want to affiliate with any parties although I've been keeping tabs on what's going on and I'm coming up with my "what if" lists for November.

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