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Tagged for 5 random things

I was tagged by Jan for five random things, so here goes!

1. I'm really short. Barely 5 foot 2, to be exact. My younger brother (16) is almost 6 foot 5. Who looks like the baby sister? Yeah, me. Everywhere we go. Argh.

2. I love pens. Seriously. I have zillions of them, some I use and some I save. My favorite colors to write with are dark green, dark purple and pink.

3. I'm addicted to tea. Green, white, herbal and red are my favs. Not a huge drinker of black tea, but I love iced black tea in the summer. I also keep a log off all of the teas I've tried and rate them based on whether I liked the taste, brand, etc.

4. I want a squirrel. Yep, in my house. Think Veruca Salt in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory when she says, "Daddy, buy me a squirrel." :)

5. I don't like monkeys. At all. Never have for some reason. Sorry Diana and Jen!

If you want to play, consider yourself tagged!


Erin said…
Really!? From your author pictures, I would not have thought you were that short. :)

Me too, me too! I want a pet squirrel! Everyone always thinks I'm crazy when I say that. Glad *someone* else understands. ;)
All right, so I look taller in pics! Yay! :)

I'm soo glad to find someone else who wants a squirrel! :) They're just so adorable...
Anonymous said…
"I want a squirrel. Yep, in my house."

Oh wow! Someone in my old building adopted a baby squirrel. It was a special breed. It looked like a tiny chihuahua or a newborn kitten. The building manager said that she had paid a mint for it and that she was always taking it to the vet.
Neat, anon. I bet it's adorable! I wanted one after someone I knew got a wildlife license so she could rehabilitate squirrels in her home.

There's actually an organization in my city that allows people to foster squirrels WITHOUT a license. :)
PJ Hoover said…
We have a pet squirrel who has a nest on our deck. Our dog barks at him (them) ALL THE TIME!!!
Oooh, PJ, barking isn't fun! But lucky you for having a nest! :)
Erica Ridley said…
What kind of person doesn't like monkeys?!?!?! (teasing)

You can have my squirrel(s). I'm not sure if there's a guerrilla faction of them or just one ninja squirrel, but it stalks my backyard and eats all my birdfood.

Just tell me the address to ship to...
Oooh, Erica. A ninja squirrel. I'm coming to your house! :)
booklady said…
It's all about finesse, not height. Just ask my grandmother and my sister-in-law! And I'm so with you on the pens. All office supplies, actually. I could spend hours in an office supply store just drooling over the pens, paper, organizers, etc. And I don't even use an organizer! And as for teas, lately I've been drinking green/herbal blends. Not a huge fan of green tea, but I know it's good for me, and when blended with herbs it's divine.
Sara Hantz said…
Good to meet someone shorter than me... I'm 5'2 and a bit. You wait until you have a son who's 6'2" and still growing (size 14 feet).... that is truly the weirdest thing ever.
courtneywrites said…
I'm five feet tall and my younger sister TOWERS over me!

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