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Prize Winner and Oscar chatter

The winner in the drawing for the QUAKING prize pack is…Elainareads! Congrats! Please e-mail me your name and mailing address to: jessica [at] jessicaburkhart [dot] com and I’ll send your info to Kathryn.

We’ve got a new interview coming on Friday, so come back then for a new Q&A. Hint: we’ll even get a little political!

Anyone watch the Oscars last night? I thought Jon Stewart was a good host. he made several fantastic jokes and kept the show moving.

The dresses were elegant and gorgeous! My favs in Cojo style:

Helen Mirren. Very red and in your face.
Marion Cotillard. Gorgeous back in that dress.
Jennifer Garner. Does she ever look bad?
Nicole Kidman. She wears pregnancy so well.
Saoirse Ronan. Her dress was one of the few that wasn't black or pastel. Lovely!

The men looked dashing, too. McDreamy in particular...

My question throughout the show--why didn't anyone fix that obviously slippery area by the mic when women in six inch heels were walking across the spot?

Show highlights: Marion Cotillard's acceptance speech, Jon Stewart allowing one of the writers of "Falling Slowly" to come back on stage, Amy Adams performing, Diablo Cody winning for best original screenplay for Juno, whoever decided to make Heath Ledger last in the tribute
montage and Cameron Diaz making everyone laugh and cheer when she bumbled "cinematography" and got her attitude on.

Worst moments: Ellen Page losing, the numerous odd montages, no Brad Pitt in sight and no extremely outspoken speeches about current affairs.

What did you think of the Oscars? Disagree with my best dressed?


TJBrown said…
yuou noticed that slippery spot? john Travolta and Miley Cyrus both almost fell there. Wow.
Yep and Colin F made a big deal about it being slick but no one fixed it. Odd.
What about that Katherine Heigel for best dressed?? Did you like all the red? Oh and I agree I so wanted to see Brad and Angie with a belly.. :) Keri

P.S. Jessica, I caught the fever and I have a blog!!
Erin said…
Helen Mirren's dress was definitely my favorite. :)
Barrie said…
I can't believe how few of the movies I've seen! I definitely need to get with the program and catch up!
Keri, nope. I thought Katherine's dress was plain. Yay for your blog!

All right, Erin! But how sad she got the worst dressed nod from Access. :/

You're definitely not alone, Barrie. So few people actually saw the top movies this year.

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