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Happy Valentine's Day!

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!! I made those cookies yesterday and yep, some are a little misshapen, but that's okay. My favorite part is dying the frosting to the ideal pink. :)

Tomorrow, I'm chatting about The Spiderwick Chronicles and other books to films that are going to pop up in 2009 and beyond.

Anyone have V-Day plans? <3


Susan Sandmore said…
Yum. My plans are to sneak over and eat your cookies.
LOL In my house, they won't last long. :)
Angela said…
*presses face to screen*

I can almost taste them...mmmm
jessicaburkhart said…
Aw, Angela. Hope you got your own cookies today! :)
Sara Hantz said…
Those cookies look so yummy.... I'm impressed at your culinary skills!
April said…
Yummy lookin' cookies!
I had a plan to make cookies, but wouldn't you know I forgot to buy flour and we're plum out. Boo-hoo. We're going to go pick up food tonight. It'll be yummy. ;)
Happy Valentine's Day friend.
Tasha said…
They look so yummy!! It doesn't matter that they are misshapen because they'll still taste the same!

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