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Edits are complete!

Whew. I just finished my fourth round of edits on my new YA. That's finished! After one more round of reading and checking for silly grammar mistakes, off it goes! I'm so, so excited to have that *this close* to being finished. Getting the draft down was exciting, but I'm ready to have someone else read it and give me feedback.

I sent a two magazine queries out this weekend because it felt, well, weird not to have any queries out there. I've just been accepting assignments as they come and not querying, but I'm trying to break into bigger, glossier mags this year and I've got to at least send a couple queries.

Before I started writing fiction, at my peak of magazine querying, I had 30 queries out at once. So you see how zero feels odd. But I do think taking a short break from magazines and writing only fiction has helped, but I'm at the point where I can slowly start working on breaking into different magazines while keeping my focus on books.


Kelly Parra said…
Congrats, Jess! Yeah, the closer you get to having that first book in your hands is a wonderful feeling. :)
It definitely feels great! :)
Rachael said…
congrats!! that's so cool!
BradytheBrat said…
Hello Jessica! I saw your article in The Writer magazine, kudos on your hard work and congratulations on the doors it opened for your fiction writing! It's so nice seeing someone who has worked long and hard finally breaking through in ways they never expected!
Hi, bradythebrat! Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope you come back and I'll definitely check out your blog. :)
BradytheBrat said…
Oh most definitely! You can count on me coming back. I'm very interested in reading about your ongoing process working on your YA novel. Thanks for responding, if you do get a chance to swing by my blog drop me a note. I'd really appreciate it. :)

Brady Frost said…
Any new updates Jess?
Nope, no updates at the moment, Brady. Thanks for asking! :)

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