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A Raisin in the Sun with Sean Combs

Okay, so I'd heard lots of buzz for A Raisin in the Sun on ABC and I watched it last night. Sean Combs took the role of Walter Younger, Audra McDonald was Ruth and Phylicia Rashad played Lena. Sean talked up the film on Oprah a few days ago and it sounded like a good film.

I'd read the play a couple of times before and was excited to see the movie, even though three hours sounded like a looong running time.

That said, I loved it. Phylicia and Audra were brilliant although that seemed to be a bit of trouble for Sean. I kept watching and thinking, okay, Sean can't act well enough to make me feel the sympathy I had for Walter when I read the play. But in the movie, I didn't feel sorry for Sean's version of Walter until almost the end. It had to be daunting to be opposite Phylicia and Audra, but Sean's acting got in the way of me fully enjoying every aspect of the movie. (Sorry, Diddy!)

Anyone else see it? Or, if you've read the book, does it make you want to see the movie?


Bummer.. I wanted to watch it, but I completely forgot!
Keri :)
It's funny, after I slaughtered Diddy's acting, the USA Today said he did well. Maybe we weren't watching the same film...LOL
Anonymous said…
ha ha, I started to watch it but I turned after about an hour to watch something else. I have already seen the original version with Sidney Portier and I also read the play/book in class when I was like in 7th grade. I also saw it on stage at a college some time ago. Diddy's acting wasn't very good to me.

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