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The Kirbys

It is officially a small world. I was reading in article in The Tallahassee Democrat about Florida State University's poet-professor David Kirby. Now, the article talks about Kirby's life, his many accomplishments as a writer and it gives background on him. At the article's end, it mentions that Kirby is the father of Will Kirby. Name sound familiar? It should. Will won Big Brother in 2001, appeared in Big Brother All Stars and is on E!'s Dr. 90210.

Small world. Seriously. Ever have one of those moments? I can't believe that "Evil" Dr. Will grew up in Tally. Funny. :)


Emily Marshall said…
Ha..that is kind of funny. That's the only Big Brother I've ever watched, so I remember Will well. And that it was very fitting when I saw he was going to be on Dr. 90210.
I loved Dr. Will, so it's pretty cool about his connection to FSU. :)
Bri Meets Books said…
When my grandmother went into the hospital in Ohio, her doctor was the winner of Amazing Race. It was when the show was still running too, so he couldn't tell us if he'd won.
Oh, cool, Bri! That's neat! I love, love that show.

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