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Field trip

A few weeks ago I was supposed to visit a local horse farm, but I had to cancel. Today's the day! I'll be meeting M, a local horse farm owner, and spending a bit of time with her horses. I'm so excited! I haven't been around horses much since my spinal fusion in 2000. But being around horses is like riding a bike--even if you haven't done it in a while, you don't forget how.

Pictures will be up tomorrow. Check back. :)


Danette Haworth said…

I didn't know you had spinal fusion. Are you allowed to ride anymore? (Forgive me if that's already clear in older posts.)

I was taking horseback riding lessons and I was learning to jump. Even though the fence (whatever you call it!) was low, it was exhilarating to go over with the horse. I had only a few weeks' of jumping before my orthopedist said NO HORSEBACK RIDING. (Four compressed discs due to bad dive in eighth grade.)

In any case, I still want my own horse!
Hey Danette,

Oh, that's bad timing about your riding! :(

I am allowed to ride, but if I fall and land the wrong way, I could snap my rod and be paralyzed. It's all at your own risk. I haven't been on a horse since my surgery, but I desperately want to! :)

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