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Audio Books

As proof that I can be really (embarrassingly) behind the times, I just listened to my first audio book this weekend. Really. It's true. At the library, I came across Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone on audio. So, I picked it up and I finally understand why audio book sales are so high. On the way to pick up my brother, I was at Hogwarts. Waiting in the car for said brother while he did a practice PSAT--more Harry.

What's your take on audio books? Have you listened to any? Which ones? If not, why not? is release day for PLATINUM by Jennifer Lynn Barnes! Yay, Jen!! :)


The only audio book I've ever listened to was my own (good, but utterly weird to listen to someone else reading your words, especially when the emphasis ends up on the "wrong" one), but next time I have to take a long car trip, I'm going to try to check a few out from the library.

Thanks for the shout-out about Platinum's release. You're sweet!
Justine said…
I have listened to all of the Harry Potter audio books, and I really enjoy those. When I worked in Philadelphia last year, it was a good companion when it came to the hour long drive. What I really liked about them was the little details that I picked up listening to the book that I may not have picked up reading the book.

I think the audio books are good providing you have a good narrator such as Stephen Fry or the other individual who does the HP books. I tried the twilight series on tape and I really didn't enjoy the narrator so I barely got through the first chapter.

I'm tempted to try some other audio books to put on my iPod. haha. We'll see.
Heather Harper said…
Fiction puts me to sleep if I'm driving, but I can listen to talk radio or non-fic audio. Go figure.

But I would like to listen to the entire Harry saga on audio since I have not read them. And I never thought of going to the library to look for them, so consider yourself more advanced than me. ;)
Jen, you're very welcome! :)

Justine, wow, about listening to all of the HP audio! I can't wait to do that.

Ooh, non-fic is a good idea, too, Heather. Never thought of that.

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