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Busy bee!

Blogging has been and will be a little (just a little!) neglected while I get through this round of edits.

What's keeping you busy right now?

On a freelance note, I got my September 2007 issue of Listen Magazine with my profile of singer Whitney Wolanin. Check it out if you see the mag. :)

Side note: There has also been so much celeb and lifestyle news/gossip recently that I need someone to dish with me! ;) What do you think about the new iPod? Or Halle Berry's pregnancy? Or Britney's rumored performance at the VMA's? I'm writing so much that I'm relishing a little Hollywood chatter.


Birdimus Prime said…
I can dish a bit. Yeah I really should chat a little bit about that celeb stuff... but i've been out of the loop. I didn't know Halle Berry was
Kelly Parra said…
I totally get my fill of dish on celebs--I'm so bad! I'm pretty shocked about Spears on VMA, I hope it works out for her.
Authorness said…
With those genes, Halle's baby is sure gonna be gorgeous.

I've been working 13-hour days, so I'm out of the loop too. What happened with Brit on the VMAs?
I hope it works out for Britney, too, Kelly. Seems like she needs a break right now.

Authorness, Britney hasn't performed yet, but she's supposed to open the VMA's. We'll see! :)

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