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Decorating party!

As per Burkhart family tradition (or because I bugged my mom endlessly!) we got out our Halloween decorations today and decorated! :) It's sort of a decoration war in my neighborhood and once our neighbor put up his scarecrow yesterday, I knew we were late. Yep, late. In September. Yes, I know it's only September, but I reaaaally love our pumpkins and witches. So, we got out the decorations and when I needed a break from editing, I put up our spooky Halloween collection. I can't stand scary movies, but I adore Halloween!

Every year, we buy one new item for our holiday decorations. This year, I found the most adorable (you'll see a pic) wreath at Wal-Mart. I had to by pass the Christmas section (talk about way too early!), but I found it.

I'm taking pictures tonight of everything and will post the best ones next week.

Anyone else decorate for Halloween?


sruble said…
I want to move to your neighborhood! I'd love to decorate early and be surrounded by Halloween fanatics :0) We live in a small apartment so we can't do a ton, but we do what we can.

Have fun decorating!

(sruble from the blue boards)
April said…
I haven't been a huge fan of Halloween, but lately each year I like it a little more. I still don't have *any* Halloween decorations though. I'm sure once we have kids it'll be something I do. Thanksgiving here in Canada is Oct. 8, so I can't get into Halloween until that passes anyway. But I adore Christmas and Dec. 1 I start putting lights up. That's my most favouritest holiday!
Linda D. (sbk) said…
Halloween is big at our house. The day isn't complete if we haven't scared a couple of kids.

We don't put the decorations up until a few days before Halloween, but we add a few new things each year ... my favourite is the coffin. This year we'll be adding gravestones and a ghoul rising up from the ground.

Seriously the best day of the year.
Hi, Stephanie! Thanks for coming over! :) Aw, that's too bad that you can't do much, but I'm sure there are lots of ways to dress up an apartment.

April, Oh, that's right! I forgot that your holidays are different. I adore Christmas, too! :)

Linda, gravestones sound great! I saw a scary head in a globe that talked, so I'm trying to convince my mom to make one more trip to the store... :)
Lis said…
I love Halloween. My mom wanted to put her pumpkin lights up end of August but I convinced her to wait till middle of September lol. We tend to do a lot of halloween decorating. We used to have a great door size cardboard witch but she ripped a couple years ago. Now we've got a lifesized skeleton we usually hang from the tree. Some years we dress him up, some years we don't
Hi, Lis! Thanks for stopping by! Oooh, I need a skeleton, LOL. :) Great story about your Mom. Sounds like we'd get along. ;)

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