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Photogs, Libraries and HP

This week has been an insane blur! I swear that today could be Sunday, but nope, calendars tell me it is indeed only Thursday.

Yesterday, I did a photo shoot with my local newspaper. We shot at my favorite branch of the local library and then headed over to my house. While at the library, a couple of girls (perhaps 8 or 9 years old) were so intrigued by the guy with all of the camera equipment that they kept walking around him when he was trying to take a shot. We took pictures in the YA section, the children's section and then a few at my workspace at home. He was an excellent photographer and made me feel so, so comfortable.

I'm glad he agreed to do photos at the library because my local system is facing significant cut backs. As someone who visits the library 3-4 times a week, that saddens me. The hours are changing, they'll be closed for two days instead of one and funding is certainly going down. I'll probably turn up at the board meeting to discuss library funding.

Today, I'm taking a timeout to catch up on e-mails, organize my massive pile of "to be filed " papers and return phone calls. You know, anything I can do to keep busy until the HP movie releases. :)

What's your library like? How often do you visit?


David said…
They are cutting hours at Leroy Collins?

They are cutting hours at Strozier as well... what is the world coming to?
Yep, they sure are. It's not right!

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