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Carpal tunnel

I spent much of today typing on novel #2 and managed to squeeze out about 2500 words. There's more to come IF, and that's a big if, I can get my carpal tunnel in my right hand under control.

I developed the pesky (and painful) little annoyance last November when I did NaNoWriMo and haven't been able to get rid of it since. Most days, I take Aleve or another NSAID and that does the trick, but other days (like today) it flares up and I either type left handed or don't type at all. I tried a voice to text program but found it to be too slow and quite clumsy.

So, anyone have CT and have any tips to ease the pain? I've tried heating and cooling pads and haven't had much relief. I did hear about steriod shots, but since I have an insanely intense fear of needles--that's not for me.



Heather Harper said…

I wear magnetic therapy bracelets on both hands very similair to the ones pictured here. You can find them ultra cheap at Walmart in the jewelry department. I also use magnets for back pain.
Ooh, good idea! Thank you, Heather! :) I'm going to look that up.
Rhiannon said…
Hey. I'm here via Diana's announcement of your new book (I'm a rider, and was always a big fan of the Saddle Club series). My massage therapist claims she can help with carpal tunnel, and she does some work on my hands to keep it from developing. I have no idea how much she can really help, but it is an idea. (a chiropractor might be able to do some of the same things)

Because if I remember correctly, CT is a very real physical problem - where the nerve gets pushed into the wrong area between the bones (my dad had surgery for it and it moved his "funny bone") so it makes sense that a physical fix would help.
Anonymous said…
I place a throw pillow in a drawer and elevate it to the edge of my desk the pressure is off the alnur nerve which runs thru your wrist and the base of your palm. It help me anyway.

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