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Harry Potter theme park

I cannot wait for late 2009. Why? Because Orlando, Florida is opening a Harry Potter theme park! :) J.K. Rowling is actively involved in park design and details, so I'm sure the park won't be anything less than extraordinary. I wish I could get tickets now. :) Anyone else interested?

Also, Book Expo America is in NYC this weekend and it would be amazing to go and see the vendors and authors. Has anyone ever been?



Kelly Parra said…
That park is going to be something to see!

I haven't been to the BEA, but sounds it really awesome. :)
Mary Danielson said…
Lol, I loved that you blogged about this, Jess! When I saw the article on yahoo news, I'm pretty sure I sent a frantic "OMG! We're making plans for 2009 NOW!" email to most of my friends. I dont even like theme parks, but between this and the UK's new DickensWorld, I may be changing my mind...

As for BEA, I wish I could say I've been before! After reading about it on so many blogs, I'm just dying to go to that as well.
I'm excited, too, Kelly!

No kidding, Mary!! I'm beyond excited! :) I never heard about the Dickens park. Where the heck was I?? LOL
Travis Erwin said…
I've been thinking of a few possible attractiosn.

Hagrid's House of Hairy Horrors

Snape's Potion Palace - where all drinks are served in glass beakers.

Mad Eye Moony's Spin O'Rama- Think of the tea cups at Disney but all the carts look like his eye.

Gillyweed Gusher - I don't know hwat it'll do but every rider will get wet.

Okay I'll stop, but yeah I'll have to check the park out.
Tori said…
Me! Me! ME! *gallumphs up and down and waves wildly* I was so ecstatic when I saw that at Mugglenet, even more so when I clicked on the concept art. I can just imagine how they'll probably recreate shops like Zonkos and the sweet shop ... mm. I can't wait! I'll probably go for my 20th birthday. ^_^
stephhale said…
The theme park sounds like a blast, but I REALLY want to go to BEA one year. All those free books!!!! Now that's my idea of a theme park! :)


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