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Gilmore Girls & Cleaning

Ah. Saturday. I've been working on my Website (check out the new links page). I'll be updating the link list on and off over the next couple of weeks. If you're someone I've surely forgotten to link, it'll appear soon! Feel free to send me a gentle reminder. :)

I'm busy writing and am watching Gilmore Girls season 2 on DVD. Yes, I've seen every episode not less than two to three times, but it's a fab choice of TV program to watch while writing.

I've also been prepping my room for the big newspaper photo shoot next week. Nervous? Of course. Super-freaky cleaning? Oh, yes. That's why I made the collage. I'll take a pic of my room when it's completely finished and will post it here. Look for that next week.

I've also been digging out all of my old photos and newspaper clipping from my most active Humane Society days. They're inspirational so to speak. I'll try to post the best clipping here over the next week. It's nostalgic for sure. :)

Have a great weekend!


Mary Danielson said…
Oh, I've never written to a t.v. show before, but GG is a great pick. I may have to try that too...

Good luck with the photo shoot, Jess!
Anonymous said…
I loved GG the first 3 seasons. Once Rory went off to college and Dean and Jess were gone, everything seemed to fall apart. But the first 3 were definitely awesome. Logan was a good addition, but even that seemed a little to late to undo the damage done (in my mind at least). Another show I love and got disappointed in was 7th Heaven. It was supposed to end after season 10. Then they kept it for one more but what a let down! That's just one season I'll stay away from during reruns, lol.

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