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Pretty Little Liars premier and Switched at Birth

Before I forget, I wanted to let you know that there are signed copies of the Canterwood books at the Park Slope, Brooklyn, Barnes & Noble. A nice guy named Rob helped me sticker all of the books. Even more exciting, there were copies on the "Local Favorites" shelf. Yay!

This is a quick post because I'm breaking from writing, BUT has anyone been watching Pretty Little Liars or Switched at Birth? SaB is my new addiction! I looove the show! There's so much drama and I think it's such smart writing to show how the hospital mix up affected both families and their daughters. I'm happy that's it's now a "Oh! We found our real kids, let's switch and we'll all be happy!" type of show. Plus, it's fun to see Luke Danes (from Gilmore Girls) daughter as one of the main girls, Bay.

The Pretty Little Liars premiere, I'm superbummed to say, felt like any other episode to me. It wasn't a cling to the edge of your seat show. It needed to be to kick off the summer return. That said, I'm SURE future episodes will return to the PLL the fans love and I'm without a doubt going to keep watching.

What's on your DVR, TiVo or something you've been watching this summer?

Back to writing!



Suz said…
I am totally sad that Glee ended! I went to the concert though. It was awesome :). Project Runway is totally on my DVR. Love <3 it!
Bridgit (DQ) said…
Umm, I totaly <3 SAB and PLL!!! Unfourtanetly, I forgot to tape the second episode of SAB so now I have to watch it online :P lol and I taped PLL, but I haven't seen it yet :( lol I also missed the nine live of chloe king, lol but I'm set on wtaching it!!! Other shows that I love that are coming to an end are 90210, Wizards of Waverly Place, and a few others. I also love Private Practice, ER, and Army Wives :)
Joni said…
I don't have cable so I've watched the first two episodes of Switched at Birth online. It seems like a promising show of drama- which is what I like in my tv shows. :)
I still need to watch the season two premier of PLL online- can't wait!
I'm also enjoying watching the Heartland series on DVD. Gives me my horse-fix.

But you know what I think would be an awesome show? Wellington Prep!
I'm so interested in the Wellington Prep series you're doing with Kate. (Still thinking of her, btw.) Just by reading the Prologue and the synopsis I can tell it's going to be good. I'm looking forward to when it comes out, though I know you said it may be a while...

Best wishes with writing!
Sam Newman :) said…
MY LAST DAY OF SCHOOL IS TOMORROW! 5th grade grad., too! OMG IM SOSOSOSOSOSOOOOO EXCITED! AND i got a supercool new cover for my kindle. :) i like H2o & Phineas & Ferb. that show is SO cute! <3 <3

i will be watching re-run after re0fun of NCIS. I have been addicited to that show!
marissa smith said…
PLL is my favorite show but i agree with you, I do feel like it's the same exact thing every episode. There needs to be something that totally turns the series around. But, I still am OBSESSED with the show and will not miss a single episode! I also love Glee and this series isn't even showing anymore but I still love watching it....Glimore Girls! Can't wait for Initiation! Love you Jess!
Deb said…
Omfg pll all the wayyyy! Calebs cute but I.m still rooting 4 Lucas! And Toby and Spencer are cute beyond words!
Connie said…
I'm watching So You Think You Can Dance (um, soooo awesome!) and America's Got Talent. I have AGT all over my TiVo!!!! Also, it's probably not a show that most people like to watch, but I watch Shark Tank (totally awesome too!)
Emma said…
I think the best show idea would def be Canterwood Crest!!! Do much drama, I'm sure it would be a hit!!
Nothing really interesting to watch for me, but I want to check out Lassie Come Home. I looove old movies. :)
hapi said…
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Anonymous said…
um Wizards of Waverly Place and stuff like the GOOD Disney Channel shows...maybe some nick or something like Victorious or iCarly...i don't know. Can't wait for the next book!
Anonymous said…
I totally agree, I've read the books and the books are better, tv shows aren't as exciting! Love ya! Oh, I've taped PLL, Bring it on, and Daddy Day Camp.Also, read the book " The A Circuit" it's awesome! Luv the book! Go Chosen!<3 Emily

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