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New Aladdin (Simon & Schuster) policy change *important for Team Canterwood*

Hi, Team Canterwood,

I hope you’re all having a good summer so far! I thought I owed you all an explanation about some changes to come. This will give you a heads up about what to expect from me and all things Canterwood.

Some of you may be familiar with the vlogs I’ve done from the Canterwood covers photo shoot…the vlogs where I chat with the models, interview the stylists and give TC all-access behind the scenes. I’ve been receiving a few e-mails and comments asking when you would get to “meet” Lauren Towers and the new cast of characters. You guys are so sweet and I love that you’re all interested in LT!

Unfortunately, I will not, and nor will Kate, be allowed to attend the latest shoot next month. My imprint, Aladdin, has issued an across the board policy that extends to all authors. None of us, even if we have previously attended cover shoots, are able to be present for future shoots. I was just told that this new rule went into effect recently, so I will not be able to introduce you to Lauren and her friends/frenemies. Of course, this was saddening news for a number of reasons, but mostly because I'm prohibited from bringing you content I was so looking forward to sharing.

But! Here’s what I will be doing:

Releasing new covers to you as I’m given them so we all can get excited together

Posting new head shots from the upcoming covers photo shoot when they are ready

Creating trailers for the upcoming books

Keeping up with Lauren on her new blog:

Checking out LT’s Offical Tweets (FYI: No other characters have official Twitter accounts that are monitored by me) @Lauren_Towers

Vlogging on my own

Continuing to blog to keep TC in the know about the latest happenings

As I mentioned, I’m sorry about this new rule because you are the ones who lose in the end. But I am looking forward to writing the books you love and offering you as much as I’m able.



Anonymous said…
well that stinks...
CCH said…
That stinks so much...
Will some1 please read my blogs and leave their comments
Anonymous said…
That really is too bad the photo sessions were such a good opportunity for great photo/video shots!
EmmaTheAuthoress said…
That's too bad, Jess, but I can't wait to see the other thing you mentioned.
Piisyummy said…
Oh great. I'm disappointed in S&S's decision that you won't be able to attend any other Canterwood cover shoots...after all, you mentioned (I think) that you weren't there for the Initiation photo shoot, and I honestly don't like how that one turned out. I guess I'm just saying that the covers are way better when you're actually there to give advice. :/
Madelyn said…
Well that is totally uncool!

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