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Hello, my name is PR Ninja

I worked through Thanksgiving, and man, did it feel good! I got a lot done on BEHIND THE BIT and it's looking pretty! :)

I think I blogged before (or maybe I Facebooked it) about how my room had become a post office with Canterwood Crest mail. Well, I couldn't take the clutter, so I moved it out to the table.

This is what it looks like:
(The newest postcard!)

That's minus a stack of envelopes that went out to indies that requested signed TAKE THE REINS postcards and offered to put them out in Jan. Thanks, guys! I really appreciate your interest. A few of the store owners said, "Oh, btw, we saw your book in the S&S catalog" or "I'm excited to recommend it." One Kentucky bookstore owner even told me she was sure my book would do well in their state. You know, cause of the giant horse-loving population. That's supercool!

Now, I have an excuse to buy the rainbow pack of Sharpies that I've been eyeing but previously had no use for. They're perfect for postcard signing!


The postcards go fast. Really fast. 500 TTR postcards--spoken for and mostly gone. Less than 10 are left. 500 Chasing Blue postcards--already being sorted for stores/groups/stables/libraries, etc. 500 dual TTR/CB postcards--just arrived today. (If you own a bookstore/stable/whatever else and you'd like signed postcards, e-mail me.)

Yep, the TAKE THE REINS countdown is, well, going down! Less than 8 weeks. OMG. Bring it on! I am ready! My PR plan is begging to go into fullout action mode. I'm set to be a PR Ninja. :)


So exciting, Jessica! Enjoy. And the books and postcards look amazing. :)
TinaFerraro said…
They're beautiful, and good for you for being such a hard holiday worker!!!
Thanks, Tina! :) I had to work off all of that turkey SOMEHOW...
Melissa Walker said…
Awesome, Jessica! Ninja PR really works!
Kaleb said…

8 weeks is so close. I'm staring in awe at all those postcards of your book sprawling across the table. Fun times :D
Kim Kasch said…
Love the postcards. What a lot of work it looks like, though.

I'd love to read more posts about this ninja marketing.
Love the pictures! So exciting and the cover is going to really grab buyers.

All the best!

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