Monday, December 8, 2008

Edgier than I thought! ;)

Okay, I'm attempting to put my blog bio on my profile page. Simple, right?


Apparently, according to Amazon, my bio contains profanity and will not be published. Profanity? Really? Where?

Jessica Burkhart, 21, started freelancing at 14 to feed her lip gloss addiction. Her forthcoming debut middle grade novel TAKE THE REINS (CANTERWOOD CREST), hits shelves in January 2009 and is available for pre-order now! This is the first book in her series for Aladdin MIX. Jess blogs for Teen Fiction Cafe. Visit her Website for more! She cross posts to LiveJournal. Visit the all new Canterwood Crest series Website here!

That's what I submitted and one word must be setting it off. Guesses? I'm going to take out a few words and try to figure it out, LOL.

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PJ Hoover said...


Jessica Burkhart said...

I thought that, too, but nope. Nor is it "lip gloss."

PJ Hoover said...

Now that's weird - how about "cross posts". It's a bit like cross dresses.
OK, I have no clue!

Jessica Burkhart said...

LOL, PJ. I'll never look at those two words the same way!!

I think it was the coding for the links. I don't think it liked me linking to my blog for some reason.

Heather Harper said...

I'm stumped.

Stephanie J said...

Yah, my guess was the coding for the websites. I hope you figure it out!

Anonymous said...

What about "Visit her Website for more!"?

Joy said...

Maybe the ages? Maybe spelling them out would work?

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