Saturday, January 1, 2011

Win a Skype chat with me!

On January, 4, UNFRIENDLY COMPETITION releases. I think that means we need some prizes!

I want to meet some members of Team Canterwood! Lucky for us that Skype is awesome! We can video chat or talk via Skype's phone feature if you don't have a Webcam. Best of all? It's totally FREE!



Three winners will get 15 minutes to chat with me via Skype in March! I want to give everyone plenty of time to enter and then we can coordinate our schedules.

This is a biiig prize, so here's how to enter starting today (you can do one or as many as you like--you get one entry per activity that you do):

* Blog about this contest and UNFRIENDLY'S release and put the link to your post on the comments here or on my LiveJournal

* Write a Facebook status update about the contest/UNFRIENDLY'S release

* Tweet about it

* Make a banner, avatar, graphic, etc., related to Canterwood and email it to me at jess _ burkhart @ hotmail DOT com. I will post all the graphics--not just one--if any--that wins.

* Take a pic of yourself with UC (it will NOT be posted on my blog) and e-mail it to me

* Take a pic of the Canterwood books at your fave bookstore and email it to me

* Snap a photo of the Canterwood books on your shelf

* Post a Facebook note about the release of UNFRIENDLY COMPETITION

* Get creative! Come up with something not on the list! :)

You have until Sunday, February 13, 2011 to enter. Good luck and I can't wait to talk to the winners! I'll announce them the week of Feb 13th. :)

6 shout outs:

MaDdY said...

That would be awesome to win!!!!!

WriterWannabeAishah said...

I want to chat since I haven't really won any CC prize...

Anonymous said...

Great contest!!!Good luck to all.

horseluvver01 said...

Could Canadian residents win a Skype chat with you too, Jess? I was just wondering since all of your other contests were only available to US residents :(

Jessica Burkhart said...

Canadian residents are absolutely allowed--fab idea! :)

Abby W. said...

Is this a random drawing for the winner or do you pick the winner?


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