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Happy book birthday, TAKE THE REINS!

Wow. It's crazy to think that two years ago on January 27, TAKE THE REINS was released into the world. I was a total newbie author with a four-book deal and had no idea if I was doing anything right. The only thing I knew for sure: I had a book that I loved and was passionate about.

I have to first thank Molly McGuire for acquiring the series. Then, all thanks, praise and hearts go to Kate Angelella for turning a four book series into twenty books including a super special. It's rare to find an editor who turns books such as THE ROCK AND THE RIVER into an award winner and a commercial series like Canterwood into a long-running series. I am incredibly grateful to Kate for the countless hours she has put into my books. But she wasn't just focused on Canterwood or award winners. She stayed at the office till 11 many nights (I was there!) and worked all weekend on her projects. I'm friends with several of her authors (hello, Lauren Barnholdt!) and wish they could have seen her in action.

Now, as TAKE THE REINS is almost 2 years old, book 12 has just released--ending Sasha's reign as the narrator of Canterwood. It's an exciting, happy, sad thing all at once!

I cannot wait until May when you will all get to meet our new narrator in the JUMBO sized super special. (Seriously, it's HUGE.) :)

I'm working on #13 INITIATION and Kate and I are preparing to bring you something amazing in between waiting for Canterwood--our new e-book novella series--WELLINGTON PREP. More details to come as we move forward on this new venture.

Thank you all, Team Canterwood, for sticking with me since the first book. I owe you many thanks because you allow me to do the job I love. Thank you. <3

Here's the post I wrote in 2009. :)


Anonymous said…
<3 <3 <3 <3 <3
Liana said…
so awesome. congrats!
Anonymous said…
SO awesome!!!!!:)
CrossCountryGirl said…
how big is Chosen??? Is it longer than the other books! That sooo cool! COngrats
MaDdY said…
Omg!!! Yay! Happy Bday TAKE THE REINS!!! I can't believe that it was THAT long ago when it first came out! The books are *amazing* and I CAN NOT wait until the Ebook WELLINGTON PREP comes out!!!!
Suz said…
Happy B-day TTR!!! *Luv* that C will be longer then all the other books... I need more to read!
Adina H. said…
Awwwwww, this is touching. Who would of thought from one book would come such awesomness. <3 u jess!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
Anonymous said…
Happy B-day Take the Reins.You deserve everything you have achieved.Can't wait for the E book!
Suz said…

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