Friday, January 21, 2011

Pics from Barnes & Noble signing :)

Barnes & Noble in Tribecca. So pretty!

I. Have. A. Sign. Several, actually! OMG. And those are CC books next to the table.

Just started speaking. I love having a podium to, um, hide behind. :)

Love the green curtain.

Posing with my bestie/Canterwood partner extraordinaire Kate.

Jill aka "Sasha Silver" signing autographs! She's a rock star.

Jill and a reader girly.

Smiling for the camera with Miss Jill. I totally heart her!

Signing for some awesome girls.

More signing!

Smiling because we're having a great chat.

I look very serious here, LOL.

She came on crutches! Aw!

If you click on this pic, you can REALLY see my purple hair tinsel. :)

Signing it a glittery pink pen.

Still signing . . .

Ah, see the tinsel now! :)

Signing a book for Jill.

Pretty smile. :)

I had so much fun at my B&N signing! We had special guests--Jill aka Sasha and Editor K.

Also, instead of reading from UNFRIENDLY COMPETITION, I read an excerpt from CHOSEN and showed the full front and back of the cover.

I also announced that . . .

I'm incredibly excited to announce that I've signed a new four-book deal to continue Canterwood! We're up to *20* books, guys!!! YAY! And how lucky are we to have Editor K on board. Sooo excited.

I've got video of the event that I'll upload soon so YOU can see me read from CHOSEN.

Hope you like the pics!


8 shout outs:

Adina H. said...

Yay first comment. Awesome those pics are so awesome. I wish i was there. Man i feel like ive missed out on a bunch. Happy for u Jess, :D

WriterWannabeAishah said...

OMG!!! I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THE NEW DEAL!!! Canterwood Crest 4ever! :)



Suz said...

I totally <3 your hair tinsel! So glittery.

Anonymous said...

Oh!!!YEAH!! 4 more books....20 CanterwoodCrest books.. Loved the purple hair, are you Violet or Ruby??
Photos at B&N were fantastic!!!I so have to get an e-reader.

Anonymous said...

So wish I was there. Instead I'm in bed with the flu. Yay for me. It is kinda funny cause I live pretty far away from New York but my mom is in there now for a "girl's weekend" with her mom and sisters(I'm so jealous)and she could have gone and got a book signed for me. Unfourtantley she got into to New York on the 20th. What can I say. Just my luck.

Anonymous said...

the chosen vid isnt working 4 me!!! :'( and i tried it on youtube 2 theres just no sound no matter how high i turn the volume up :(

CrossCountryGirl said...

OMG cool!!! I'm soo excited its 20 books now!!!! I <3 CC!!!!!!!

Suz said...

I just went to and decided that, with the $20 I got from my grandpa, that I am probably going to buy some gold hair tinsel. :D
Luv that it's 20 books, I can't survive on just twelve.

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