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Editor K is now Author/Writer K!

Hi, guys!

I am beyond excited to share some news! My best friend has come over to the dark side ;) and is now a full-time writer/freelance-editor. She is no longer with Simon & Schuster after a wonderful four years of editing award winning books, many series and some fab stand-a-lones, she is now pursuing her dream as a writer. I could not be happier or more proud. (Um, plus, that means we get to write together every day in our pajamas. Woot!)

We have teamed up to form Violet & Ruby and soon we'll be bringing you the hottest, most fun e-book novellas for you to download via and Barnes & (They will not be available in physical book stores--only online.) They'll be published under Jessica Ashley & Kate Angelella.

Want a teaser of an e-book novella coming to you soon in forty page installments? How about this?

Wellington Prep: home to the notorious Jasmine King. And if you think Jasmine's a mean girl . . . meet the one who taught her everything she knows.

A title reveal, cover and more will be coming VERY soon, so stay tuned! :)

Team Canterwood, don't worry! Kate is staying with us! She would never leave the series and will continue to edit Canterwood Crest, have input on our beautiful covers and make sure we give you what you deserve--awesome books.

Writers--if anyone is looking for a freelance-editor, Kate's your girl. Her rates are reasonable and she's incredibly talented. Contact her through her Website if you want more info.

Later in the week, look for pics and video from my B&N signing. There were a lot of surprises and secrets revealed that you'll get here.

Finally, we're working on a project and we need YOUR input. If you'd like the possible opportunity to see your first name and age (or make up a name if you like) in one of our e-books, post any questions you have here about friendships, keeping friends, losing friends, mean girls, etc. Ask away and you might find your question answered in a novella coming soon from us! :)



Anonymous said…
Congrats to Kate! Good luck on your adventure together, I know you will be a success.
Yay! Kate and Jess, u both rock! I'd love to be feautured in one of the novellas!
HorseGirl2505 said…
Hi Jessica, I'm going to a new school next school year and I'm scared.Not because it's a new place but because I had some mean girl problems and I'm scared that it will happen again. My mom says that even if there are mean girls there I can't go to another school.What can I do if there are mean girl's?
Brea said…
Yay! I can't wait to read it! I'm auditioning for a part in a movie with a mean girl, and so maybe I could get some tips on how to portray my character better by reading them! Eeep! Can't wait! :)
Jess G said…
will the novella downloads be free?
Canterwoodluvr said…
Sounds awesome! No mean girls in my life... but I love reading about them! Go Canterwood!
Lauren said…
Hi, I'm Lauren. I'm in the seventh grade and I have two questions.

1) There are a lot of mean girls at my school. They'll be perfectly nice to my face, but they will be nasty behind my back. Or at least - I assume they do that because thats what they do to my friends - but I don't know for sure.

2) My friends and I love anime (Japanese cartoons). We like the confusing plots, the crazy-going-on-creepy characters, and the way that things always turn out right way. However, the "popular girls" don't like anime or anyone who likes anime. They take it upon themselves to make sure that the rest of the grade feels the same way. What do I do?

Anonymous said…
The novellas sound really cool! But do you think that they would eventually be put out in book form if they got popular? I like reading from books better than reading off a screen.

Either way though, the novellas sound really awesome! Can't wait to hear more =)

And YAY for Kate!!!
Adina H. said…
Congrats to you Kate. I've kind of lost a friend in a sense. She left to NY, so it's kind of akward with my other friend. It was like she helped together our frienship. I'm still friends with her, but it's akward with my other friend.
Thanks so much, guys! :)

The novellas will be less expensive than regular Kindle/book prices on or

Keep posting questions! Kate and I are excited to answer them.
Jess G said…
also another question do you need a reader (eg the kindle or nook) to read the novellas
Christy said…
Dear Jessica,
My best friend moved away about two years ago, and we're still great friends and keep in touch. (It's kind of easy because she's only about 2 hours away.) But I'm worried about her because she has become good friends with another girl that sounds like a really bad influence on her. Sophia, my friend, has told me things about this girl, bad things, and she sounds like extremely bad news.
I want to say something to Sophia and tell her to be careful with the people she hangs around, but I'm kinda scared to, what should I do?
Suz said…
Hi Jess:
I'm in 6th grade, and there's too much drama. All of my friends have had (or have) boyfriends. All except me, I feel left out and kind of annoyed. I'm happy because I am probably one of the only ones that can make friends with boys, but I still feel like they do the growing up faster than I do. Also, I used to be BFFL's with this girl and then she got in the popular group. She doesn't say anything to me now, and she doesn't want to either. WHat should I do? Third, We have teams in our school, The Aviators (Me) and the Mariners. Most of my friends are on the Mariner team, so I feel like the have inside jokes with other people and I feel so left out!
Thank you so much for helping us all!
Larah Bleiker said…
Hey Jess and Kate! Ok so I moved to Florida and I'm soooooooo shy. I'm home school (Jess I heard u where too!) and so I haven't made any friends yet. For me it takes a while for me not to be shy around people. What do you guys think would be a good way for me to branch out and make some friends that will last forever.
<3 I girls!
Larah <3

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