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Thoughts about Eclipse

Last night, I went to see ECLIPSE with Kate and Ross. We got to the theater around 11:50ish and it was already packed. We were almost about to leave because we didn't want to split up in the theater and three seats together were sooo not happening. Then, in a supersparkly way, three seats opened up in the front row. *freaks*

We grabbed the seats and the energy from the crowd was INTENSE. Screaming girls were all around and everyone was losing it. The majority of the midnight crowd at our theater? They were, without a doubt, Team Jacob. !!! Gotta admit, though, I was/am Team Edward, but ECLIPSE is my favorite book and it got me to a place of being torn between Jacob and Edward. It also was so well written as a possibility for a person (Bella) to be in love with two people.

The action in ECLIPSE was intense, the CGI was flawless (Edward's sparkle was fab), and I liked Bryce Dallas Howard as Victoria. More romance and Jacob/Bella time was definitely lacking for me as were more talking/intimate moments between Edward and Bella since they were going back and forth about being engaged. This is an instance where I felt the book was better than the movie. But I still enjoyed it greatly and can't wait for it to come out on DVD. It actually made me want to reread ECLIPSE while the movie is fresh in my brain.

I hope everyone who wanted to see it last night made it to theaters! :) Major hearts to K for going out with me and R for being awesome about seeing another Twilight Saga flick.

I Tweeted pics about everything yesterday AND as if ECLIPSE coming out wasn't enough, Barnes & Noble has released CITY SECRETS!! Yaaay for Canterwood Crest #9!

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