Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Yay winners of CITY SECRETS!

It's time to draw the random winners of CITY SECRETS! There were sooo many entries and you guys are all sooo sparkly and amazing that I thought it would be a fun surprise to give away FOUR copies instead of three! Yaaaay! :)

I'm soooo excited to announce them!!! Eeeee! :)

The winners (all drawn at random) are:


Claire A.

Cassidy M.

Jamie P.

You'll all be getting e-mails as soon as this is posted, so check your inboxes!

Cassidy, I'm overlooking your email address (brain is warped from writing!) so I'm sending you your message via YouTube.

The sooner you get back to me, the faster you'll receive your book. So happy for everyone!

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