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New Moon extended trailer!

Guy of Awesome Kaleb Nation hooking us up with THIS:




Anonymous said…
When I saw this, I squealed like a piglet!
And guess what, this kid that rides my bus has an AWESOME JOB!! He gets to feed baby cows... FROM A BOTTLE!! I'm so jealous.... =)

Adina said…
In my opion, I do not like stories about vampires and girls chasing after them and etc. I think the movie is very scary, I do not know who would want to see that. It sounds just gross. :P
I can't wait! Dakota is really creepy though. "This might hurt just a little." It looks really dark but awesome!!!!!
Anon, it looks so awesome!

Adina, I totally get that it's not for everyone. :)

Hunter, I am INSANELY excited. When I heard about the casting of Dakota, I was like, "What?! Really?" But she looks fantastic in the trailer---suuuuper creepy and very Jane. Excellent. :)
Anonymous said…

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