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Another Canterwood Crest photo shoot pic

I wanted to share my fave pic from the Canterwood shoot on Wednesday. I'm posing with this lovely bay horse and the famous Editor Kate. Now if you see her on the street and you want an early copy of Canterwood--chase her down. She'll love it. ;)

So. Glad. It's. Friday. But it's gonna be a working weekend. Like, crazy-working. But I'm just happy to be home and not on a plane or at an airport. I'm trying to respond to reader email (I've, um, got 15 pages of new messages to go through), but I'm working on it. You guys have been sooo patient and I really appreciate it! :) Also, if you sent me a book to sign, I mailed back a couple of them yesterday as well as responded to a couple of snail mail letters, so be on the look out for those. :) Special shout out to an awesome reader who sent me tiny plastic horses in the mail. <3 them!! Thank you!

What's everyone else doing this weekend?


Cant wait for your e-mail.
I love the picture.
Great Picture! lol, i'll probably be playing with my goats over the weekend =)
Adina said…
I actually have friday off, so i'm lounging at home. I finished all my homework, so I'm going to be reading Saddle Club allll weekend. :)
Kathryn said…
Aww, great picuture!

Jess- where did you get that coat? It looks soo cute. ;)

I am very excited in finishing my novel soon. I have to work on it because I have no time during school. :(
Adina said…
Awesome photo, you look great Jess. I'm still trying to get the 4th book, I really need to read it. :D

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