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A truly lucky find at Books a Million

I had totally planned on going to a Breaking Dawn party last night, but after storms and a power outage, I couldn't make it. So, I finally got out the door around 1pm today and hurried over to Books a Million. The beautiful BD display rack was...empty. Yeah. Not one copy anywhere. People were asking the sales girls and guys, "Where is BD? Do you have one in the back room?" Of course, the answer was no. Behind the counter, was a stack of probably twenty glorious copies with a big sign for VOUCHERS ONLY. Curses!!

I whined, moped and stomped around the store. I moodily browsed the YA section and was temporarily happy when I saw so many books of friends. Yay, guys! Okay, in all honesty, I was browsing the aisle just in case BD had been shelved. But yeah, you know the answer to that question.

I was about to leave and go home to sulk when I decided to go where Take the Reins will be shelved next year. On the shelf where the books for authors with the last name starting with "D," I saw something that made me gasp. A shiny, beautiful copy of BREAKING DAWN! OMG!

I grabbed it before anyone else could find it and wrapped my arms around it! The check out girl was almost as excited as I was since she told me after last night's party and people lined up all night, there were supposed to be no copies anywhere in the store. She made her I had BD stickers and an awesome BD pin before practically ushering me out of the store.

I'm glad I wasn't driving home because the "Don't read and drive" warning might not have been enough. :)

So, I'm on page 300 or so and am going to read all weekend. I am a happy girl.

If you post here, please, no spoilers! Thank you! :)


Aw, how exciting! It was your lucky day. I'm sorry you missed the actual party though. I'm a little more than halfway through the book and it's soooo awesome. Hope you are loving it too!!!

Sherry said…
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Erin said…
Aw, that's so cool!
It was soo great to nab that last copy! :)

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