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Breaking Dawn vlog review

I just couldn't wait, so here's my vlog Breaking Dawn review! I can't wait to hear what everyone else thinks. Be warned! There are spoilers in the vlog and will be spoilers in the comments. Read and watch at your own risk. :)


Freedom Star said…
So my opinion...I don't really like Breaking Dawn. It was really disappointing for me because I really wanted to like it, but I just can't make myself like it. I don't think the book fits in very well with the series at all. I'll be putting up a full review here ( on my HPxTwilight blog about what I thought about Twilight and such, but overall I didn't like it and it was a huge disappointment.
Readingjunky said…
You've been nominated. Stop by my blog and check out the details.


P.S. Reading BREAKING DAWN today until I'm done.
Heather Harper said…
The lovers and haters on Amazon seem to be split in half, with the complainers coming slightly in the lead. BUT, there is absolutely no way a writer can please an entire fan base when ending a series.

I've only read Twilight. I LOVE that book. I've been hesitant to move forward and finish reading the series, though. I was waiting for all the books to be out before doing so. Now I may wait until they are all out in paperback so I can distance myself from the hype.

I did read The Host, which I LOVED. Stephenie is such a talent. I can't wait to see what she writes next.
I'll head over to check out your review, Freedom.

RJ, thanks for stopping by!

Heather, oh man. Some of the comments (the harsh 1 stars) made me really sad. If I were Steph, it would kill me to read those. Some are so hurtful.
Heather Harper said…
I meant to ask...

After reading BD, do you have any idea what the other book was that she payed homage to? BD was part Midsummers Night Dream and one that she wouldn't name.

Twilight was Pride and Prejudice
NM was Romeo and Juliet
Eclipse was Wuthering Heights
Oooh, good question, Heather. I actually have no clue. But now I'm going to obsess about it! :) If you find out first, tell me!

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