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Interview over at 3 Questions...and Answers

I've got an interview up with Amy over at 3 Questions...and Answers. Thank you, Amy!!

Tropical Storm Fay Update:

We've had 6 inches of rain, 50 mph wind gusts and my backyard could double as a pond. It's STILL pouring and if I can get a good pic of the yard, I'll post it here.

It's dark and gloomy so I'm reading a grown up book (OMG--something that's not YA or MG!) and watching Little League.


KD said…
I saw that you're a Floridian and wet like me. :) I also love, love the Moulin Rouge soundtrack.
Erica Ridley said…
Because I refused to acknowledge Fay, she's been playing tricks on me non-stop. Bright sunny skies out of nowhere, so I decided to roller-blade to the bike trail... No sooner did I skate on-scene than the sky turned black (except for the lightning) and ten feet of rain dumped on my head.


Hope the sun has returned to your sky!!!

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