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So not chillin'

lolcats funny cat pictures

Um, no. I'm not chillin' with that cat! Things are wicked swamped right now. I've been:

* ordering the coolest TAKE THE REINS postcards (woo hoo!)
* querying a few mags
* devouring MY SO-CALLED FAMILY by Courtney Sheinmel
* prepping for an upcoming radio interview (thanks, Rose and Celeste!)
* starting to prep my Power Point for my Missouri Writers' Guild speeches
* planning a trip
* giving evil eyes to the new hurricane and threatening it to stay away
* and working on various book projects

I've also been glued to the DNC and am loving every minute of coverage. (Michelle Obama, you have awesome hair!)

Back to work...


happytrails said…
Congrats on your impending book debut. You're so young to be published! But with all the publicity and writing efforts, don't forget to take a little time to chill.
Yikes you are one busy author/writer! The DNC speeches have been amazing so far.
Thanks, Happytrails!

It has been amazing, Keri! :)
Rosanne Parry said…
I was just thinking of you when I heard about the impending hurricanes. I hope you aren't in harms way. Looks like we have the same debut month! Please stop by the Class of 2K9 website in January so we can cheer on your launch too. :-)
Hi, Rosanne! :) I'm so glad you stopped by to say hi. Yay for Jan for both of us!
TJ Brown said…
You sound as busy as I am!

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