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Pics of my writing space

First, thank you all for your kind comments about the Take the Reins cover! If you haven't seen it yet, check yesterday's blog post. :)

Today, I wanted to share pics of my summer workspace...

Note the essentials: Pens that write pink, purple and green, pencils, flash drives, 3 lip-glosses, raspberry tea and the latest issue of Creative Screenwriting.

During the fall, I do lots of writing on the back porch or in my recliner, but during the summer I like to be sandwiched between these two windows so I get lots of sun.

I don't use the keyboard on my computer because of my carpal, so I have to always have my external keyboard and mouse.

My hardy Gateway is almost on its last noisy breath. It has gotten me through three books, a zillion articles, four years of college and other random activities.

Where do you do your best work? Share a pic of your workspace on your blog! :)


Anonymous said…
Oh, I love seeing other writer's workspaces! Thank you for sharing.
It's interesting to see how other writers work. I will have to post pics of my workspace when I'm blogging again.
Thanks, April! I'd like to see your working area. :)
Anonymous said…
I love seeing writer's work area. I'd post mine but I don't really have one.

Anyway, I have a question. I've recently started thinking about freelancing and I was wondering if you had any magazine suggestions. I'm a teen so obviously I'd want to write for teens. I know there's Teen Ink but I don't really know of any others.
Check out and take a look at their extensive list of magazines for teens. Not on the list is Teen Voices, Potluck and Young Writer. Those all take writing exclusively from teens. :)

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