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Gators and Emmy nominations

Last week, I blogged that there's an alligator in my tiny neighborhood lake. Well, on Friday evening, I saw him/her!! That's not my pic, but I am planning to go back to the lake this week and try to snap a pic of the gator. She (it just looks like a girl...I don't know why) is less than four feet long and has the coolest way of hovering in the water. A little girl and her dad were feeding bread to the non-existent geese and the gator appeared in the water and eyed us. I kept having Lake Placid flashbacks. Yet, I'll be going back to the lake to capture gator pics. Hopefully. And now...onto other things.

Primetime Emmy nominations!

Yay for Tina Fey's 30 Rock. Seriously. We need to reward more women in comedy. I started watching the show after it had been on air for a while and I love it. Go, Tina!

Ryan Seacrest also got a nod for best reality TV host. I <3 style="font-style: italic;">Idol takes 3 hours to tell us who won. He fills the time well, I think.

But no nod for So You Think You Can Dance?'s Cat Deeley? C'mon! She's funny and she has visible sympathy for contestants when they're in the bottom. Maybe next year...

And what about my Desperate Housewives? The show was back on track last season and Marcia Cross and Felicity Huffman were particularly outstanding. I mean, really, Felicity was going to shave her head (Eva Longoria-Parker stopped her) to better portray Lynette's cancer scenes. Talk about dedication.

Ah, my fav for last. Mr. Spader. How I love thee. I hope he wins again for Boston Legal. He's the dirtiest, funniest guy on the show and I'd love to see him nab another trophy.

What's your take on the Emmy nominations?


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