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Got a gator

I live in a suburban neighborhood. My city has 100,000+ people and it's not exactly a place to find wildlife. But there are alligator sightings at my neighborhood lake. We have beavers (I've seen 'em), snakes (obviously), fish, turtles and other usual lake-like creatures. Now, people are claiming they've seen a three foot gator in the lake.

I, of course, now have to camp out at the lake to spot said alligator. I've only seen one in the wild once when I was down in South Florida at least ten years ago. I'm considering dragging a lawn chair down there and staying until I spot it. :) So much better than Animal Planet!

Have you seen a gator or other interesting/unusual wildlife before? Share!


Wow! Only in the zoo. Well, we did see a huge sea turtle that washed up on the bay the other day. Great shot. :)
Cool! I'd looove to see a sea turtle! :)
Heather Harper said…
When I lived in Kissimmee, FL, I lived across the street from a BIG lake. Lots of gators. Saw them, too.

I always checked under my car for gators before I let the kids come out of the house to get inside.
paperxxflowers said…
Have I ever seen a gator?


Asking me that is like asking... do you breathe oxygen? lol

I'm a Louisiana girl. No, we're not all swamp creatures, but chances are that 99.99999% of us living here have seen a gator. lol
Stephanie J said…
I saw bears one time! And I came face to face with a skunk who (miraculously) didn't spray me. I just let out an "eep!" and ran the other way. I want to see a moose in the wild. (can you tell I'm from up north? :))

Alligators and crocs are so evil looking, don't you think?
Whoa, Heather. That's a little too much for me! :)

That's too funny, Megan! They're just new to me. When I had friends visit from Illinois, they were in shock over our lizards here. Treefrogs, too.

I'd love to see a moose, too, Steph! You got veeery lucky to escape that skunk.
Alyson Noel said…
A few years back my husband found a skunk-- in our kitchen!

That was wild-life enough for both of us!
Oooh, Alyson! I'd run screaming, LOL.

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