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Stephenie Meyer on GMA

Did anyone else catch Stephenie Meyer on Good Morning America today? She was on around 8:45am and she came with a following of fan girls crazed about the books. Stephenie was promoting today's release of Eclipse and she sounded as nice on TV as she does on her Website.

The fans were crazy! They filled the studio and were outside the windows with "I Love Edward Cullen!" t-shirts and posters. Imgine how it would feel to get teens fired up enough about your books to entice them into making t-shirts. That's a high level of stardom in the publishing biz, that's for sure.

I've only read Twilight, but I have the next two novels on order and can't wait to read them. If you've read Meyer, what's your take on the novels? Or the characters?

**PS** Thanks SO much to everyone who commented in my mean girls post! You all had fantastic ideas! :) I selected one and if it makes the final edits, I'll post the name and the person who suggested it!


Emily Marshall said…
I actually just finished Twilight, and while I did enjoy it, I think it was one of those books that I was expecting much more from and it didn't live up to my expectations.

Had I read it before I'd heard all the hype I think I would have liked it MUCH more.

But I did love the love story and the vampires, and am going to read New Moon and Eclipse.

Also, I think it could have been much shorter and still been a good book.
I read it before knowing how much of a hit it was. I'd heard of Stephenie Meyer, but didn't know she was such a big deal.

Honestly, I have reservations about Edward's treatment toward Bella, but I do enjoy her writing style and thought the book was a complete page turner from start to finish.

I'm interested to see what New Moon is like.
Testing out the no moderation feature for comments! :)
Dominique said…
All three books are really good, though if you're an Edward fan you might be a little wary of the 2nd book.
I got the first two books before knowing how popular they were, and loved them. Then I got the 3rd Tuesday, and finished it 2 nights ago. :)
Sarah said…
Hi - I work at chapters.indigo - a Canadian bookstore.

There is definitely a growing interest in Stephenie Meyer books!

Due to the interest in Stephenie, we arranged for an exclusive interview with her and have posted the transcript on our web-site.
She talks about how the series was written and which book is her favorite - interesting comments on her writing sytle.

Good luck with your future book!
Hi, Dominique! Thanks for stopping by! :)

Ooh, nice link, Sarah. Thanks!

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